Aurelia Victorinus


Aurelia Victorinus

Body: 3
Athletics: 2
Endurance: 2
Parry: 3
Fight: 2
Run: 2
Vigor: 3

Sense: 4
Direction: 3
Empathy: 5
Scrutinize: 3
Perception: 3
Survival: 2

Charm: 5
Fascinate:3 +1 Expert
Graces:5 +1 Master

Weapon: 3

Knowledge: 4
Student: Imperial Politics: 5


Animal Companion: An uncomfortably large amount of talking critters.
Patron: Family to fall back on if times go to shit.
Status:2-3 Heir apparent of fallen house in far away land.

Paths and Disciplines

Political Whispers

  1. Proportional Listening: After speaking with a member of another Company for an hour or two, roll Charm+Fascinate. If you succeed, you can learn whether the other Company’s Influence is greater, less than, or equal to your Company’s Influence.
  2. Coincidental Allusion:By making a Fascinate roll while talking to someone of a different Company, the diplomat can raise her own Company’s Influence score by 1 for the remainder of the month. This only works if the person addressed is (1) powerful in the other Company and (2) that Company has equal or higher Influence than the speaker’s.
  3. Timely Confession: Use seemingly innocuous information to draw out useful information on enemies. Use charm+fascinate roll to determine what another company is doing with its influence.
  4. That reminds me of a story…:When making any Fascinate roll to attempt to alter an Influence score, the character may add his Jest Skill to the pool.

Respectful Clarity of Speech

  1. Patient Explanation: The character must spend a day per point of Territory speaking with both leaders and followers, in order to ‘clarify’ their positions to one another. After this, if the character makes a successful Charm+Graces roll, he may apply a one-point squish to a set that
    arises from his Company’s Territory roll.
  2. Sincere Apologies: The character can, without a roll, offset a –1 temporary penalty to Territory for one month. Doing this, however, precludes using any other disciplines from Respectful Clarity of Speech on behalf of the protected Company.
  3. Negotiation From Gratitude: After a week of communication and collaboration with the folk, with a successful Charm+Graces roll, the character may add a +1 temporary bonus to a Company’s Territory that lasts for the next month.

Aurelia Victorinus

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