Notable Members of Elmo's Organization

A band of rugged ruffians, ready to do whatever it takes in the name of freedom and vengence.


Members Whose names are known to the others.

  • Hannah and Hanson: A perpetually suspicious duo posessed of a dry sense of humor often seen conversing with Elmo. When they want to be seen, that is.
  • Willem: An approximation of a sergant in Elmo’s crew. Willem is an excellent shot with a throwing dagger, though he is better when drunk, apparently.
  • Gillys: A woman of Morlish descent recruited from a team of operatives tasked with hunting down Eamonn in Talunan. Gillys was quick to determine the better side of that equation to be on, and joined up with Elmo. She is very intuitive when it comes to people’s motives, and is an excellent sprinter.

Notable Members of Elmo's Organization

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