Filipos Nikarra

AnImperial lord in Brynland, skilled at socialization.


Eamonn’s Take:- Former jarl of Costwald. Eamonn and Elmo took the city from him after he lied about having Redstag’s furniture and attempted to assassinate Liefr. Liefr executed him after receiving Costwald Castle.

Dead. apparently killed by liefr after Costwold was taken.
A fairly friendly fellow, Lord Nikarra is the imperial lord of the trade town of Costwold, about 15-20 miles south of Stormgard.

He is relatively short, about 5 foot 5, and wears his hair and beard in a relatively conservative, but fashion conscious style.

He has not been heard from since the war with whiteaxe.


The Imperial Lord of Costwold, Nikarra has been friendly to the people of Stormgard in the past. Before whiteaxe captured the town, he was a generally friendly person, if occasionally odd. His attempts to acquire a neutral territory in the region once brought him into some mild enmity with house Aelius, but by and large relations were mostly friendly. A feast he once held in the spirit of friendship was interrupted by the head of one of the guests, Lord Lefteris Elinus, being served on a platter to another guest: Marcus Aelius. There was much scandal at that, and political conflict with Elinus’s family ensued. But Nikarra managed to stay out of it, it seemed.

Filipos Nikarra

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