Hierophant Lidrius of Kiergos

An angry and fervently pious high priest of Sol.


Eamonn’s Take:- High-ranking priest of Sol who advises Varcus on religious matters. Tried to interfere with efforts to find Aurelia’s assassin. (Not to any ill effect and the party didn’t kill him).

Usually irritated in appearance, Hierophant Lidrius is the high priest of the Imperial Province of Brynland, and as such it is his duty to oversee the conversion of the surrendered populace of the country. It is thus rather apparent why he is such an angry person. Though few details about him are directly known, much of his personality is apparent upon meeting him once. His fervor is seemingly unending, his disdain for the heathens is apparent, and the fire of faith is visible under his skin. To be Hierophant of a Province at his relatively young age of 40, and a male priest at that, he has likely done something to warrant his current position.


Hierophant Lidrius of Kiergos

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