Hylda Vulfe

A loyal friend, Jarl, and true Brynlander who may be more politically saavy than she lets on.


Eamonn’s Take:- Jarl of Vulfe. Best buddies with Eamonn. She is currently supervising Jete and Eagarr, training them in proper Brynland fashion. (A few Oileain have chosen to live with her for the duration.)


Hylda Vulfe is a jarlessa who remains at Jarlsgard so as to represent traditionalist Bryanlander’s viewpoint in the Jarlsmoot. A rather grim person, despite being friends with √Čamonn Sina and Ulfrik Seabeard, who she is known to drink with, much to the detriment of large expensive mansions.

She was appointed as a member of Adrian Varcus’ war council in 302.

Since the defeat of Devan Whiteaxe, she has taken steps to organize powerful people in the Brynland political sphere who she believes she can trust. These people have included so far Ulfrick Seabeard, Eamonn Sina, Ivo Eadgyd, Locke Nirvash, and initially House Aelius, before their departure from Brynland.

Hylda Vulfe

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