Notable Members of the Fiacla an Cu

A family of warriors, prepared to march into legend.


Members currently with the company

  • Selchie Cuan Odrin:Jovial and competent second in command of the Fiacla an Cu. Twin of Ita.
  • Selchie Eevi Kelan: One of the most influential Selchies of Talunan, rivalled in prestige only by her twin brother.
  • Gormflaith Ceithearnach
  • Taneli Juho
  • Stigr Sverrirson Kellason
  • Ysabel Guerrero
  • Eilis Sina
  • Darragh Sina
  • Ruarc Sina
  • Orrin Sina
  • Selchie Eevi Kelan
  • Cosantoir Tiarnach Siuil
  • Bolcan Torrin Siuil
  • Bolcan Riina Siuil

Members currently elsewhere

  • Ita Odrin: Stoic and stern gaelthair of Eamonn, and new Uilthair of Sina.
  • Ailin Tsionnaigh: Quiet, thoughtful, and learned former third inc ommand of the Fiacla an Cu, now Uilthair of the reborn house Tsionnaigh.

Notable Members of the Fiacla an Cu

Aritan: The Imperial Age. Sina