Ulfrick Henrikson Seabeard the Red

Warrior, leader, father, drunkard, aristocrat, and friend.


Eamonn’s Take: – Formerly landless jarl who heads the Black Oars. Oathmarried Eamonn and probably fathered her kid. Now co-jarl of Stormgard.


A close ally of Stormgard, the apparent father of Eamonn’s daughter, Aelfrich, and leader of a free company of veteran huscarls called the Black Oars, Ulfrick Seabeard has been a staunch ally ever since he was hired by Marcus Aelius to assist in the defeat of Baevan Rodstag. Loud, gregarious, and friendly, Seabeard is often the first to suggest a party or any plan that involves ramming things.

Ulfrick Henrikson Seabeard the Red

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