The Company of Stormgard. the Fiacla an Cu, Elmo's operatives, and their allies and resources.

The company and all its stuff.


EXP pool: 35

Might: 3 (1)

  • Irregular Forces: The Oileain have many able hunters, scouts, and trackers, capable of stealth as much as brute force.
  • Shipshape Navy: The Oileain are able sailors, and the black oars have a long history of sailing the emerald bay.
  • Fearless Veterans: Brynland Huscarls, and Oileain veterans see glorious death in battle as an excellent plan. They do not hesitate to rush into the thick of battle or fear dreadful foes.

Roughly 300 experienced troops. about 2/3rds Oileain raiders of the Fiacla an Cu, and 1/3rd Black Oar veteran huscarls under Jarl Ulfrik Henrikson (Stormgardr, The Seabeard, The Red), in addition to close to a dozen small Oileain raiding longships, Oileain Cargo Umiaks, and heavy Brynland longships, and the militia trained by these elite warriors.

Territory: 2

  • Defensible Terrain: The castle Stormgard, even in its ruined state, is still a powerful defensive structure atop a high hill. it will take more than a band of wandering reavers to take it.

The Village of Sina
The Village of Sina and its surrounding coast and basalt lava field.

The Ruins of Stormgard keep and the new Village of Stormgard
A Thegndom encompassing many square leagues of Hills, a part of the Rykswood, the remnants of Stormgard, and with a coast to the Stormy Straits.

The Tower and Ruin of Olfsted
The wreckage of the village of Olfsted that could not be salvaged, and it’s simple keep atop a roadside hill. The surrounding land not quickly snapped up by olfsted’s neighbors after it’s fall is used for farming, and hunting.

Influence:4 (3)

  • Sinister Operatives: The agents of Elmo’s company are ruthless and experienced in the arts of subterfuge and infiltration.
  • Epic History: The skill and ability of Morlish spies is near legendary in some parts of the world. A useful reputation to call upon when it is needed.




Previous Rulers of Stormgard
Dux/Jarl Marcus Aelius
Jarl Halldora Thyrasdottir Lorensdottir Stormgardr

The Company of Stormgard. the Fiacla an Cu, Elmo's operatives, and their allies and resources.

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