Custom Martial Paths and Esoteric Disciplines

Seud’s Wrath The Fighting style practiced by the Oileain Selchies, focused on cunning, speed, and the ferocity characteristic of most Oileain fighting.

  1. The Dog’s Teeth: Attacks with a spear are timed as thought heir width was one higher.
  2. Flurry of the Deft One: When armed with a spear, may make up to 3 attacks against minions without penalty
  3. Howl of the Raging Wind: Produce free morale attack while fighting
  4. Point of the Northernmost Star: Spears acquire armor piercing 1
  5. Eye of the Storm: Attacks with thrown warspears have unlimited squishing

Whispered Vengeance The tricks and brawling techniques passed down through generations of Morlish spies

  1. Agile Fighter: No penalty for adding a dodge to any action
  2. Woodsman’s Tradition: +1 width bonus to axe throws at all times
  3. Weaving Dodge: Gain 2AR to the arms and legs when you combine a dodge with an attack.
  4. Strike with Shadows: Can use stealth instead of fighting when attacking from hiding, as ruled by GM
  5. Rebellious Arsenal: Whenever an extra set is rolled during a dodge action, it can be used to make an extra attack with a small weapon

Shield of the Warbringer The Huscarls of Brynland practice a fighting style that uses the shield as a weapon of offense as much as defense.

  1. Combat Oppression: No Multiple action penalty for adding Shove to any action when carrying a shield, enemies do not get the normal bonus to trip or slam you.
  2. Shieldwall: +2D bonus to parry actions when at least 2 allies of are fighting with you.
  3. The Serpent’s Nimble Bastion: When you combine a parry and attack action, and hit your opponent in the torso or head, they become immediately dazed for one round, and lose a die from every set.
  4. Lock of Antlers: Any attack you make that strikes the arm counts as a disarm. If you hit the non weapon holding arm, you may switch it to the weaponed arm for free. Disarm attempts do not incur a die penalty.
  5. Pack Chief: Take no combined action penalty for any action involving parry. If you get a parry set, your other action receives a +1 width bonus. Additionally, the parts of your body covered by your shield receive an additional 2 AR

Custom Martial Paths and Esoteric Disciplines

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