The capital city of Brynland, and location of the Jarlsmoot. Jarlsgard was founded by Brynja herself many hundreds of years ago, and has survived many changes and evolutions that Brynland has been through. The moot itself has been burned down at least once, and rebuilt, and the city itself has gone through many identity changes.



Jarlsgard is divided into to main sections: The island, and the city.

The island is the craggy plateau that sits a few hundred yards into the Kingslake. Though most of the island is rocky cliffs, about 50 yards of beach marks the site of a small village, often called Jarlsted. This is where most of the people who work in the moot proper, guards, cooks, servants, live along with their families. Further up the hill is a low wall ringing off the flat part of the plateau, and within that wall are the Hall and the Castle. The Moot Hall is the giant longhall in which the moot takes place. at its back is a small, old fashioned round tower castle which traditionally holds the rooms and offices of the High King. Across the plateau courtyard, is the Castle proper. The structure that the wall originates from, and principle defensive structure of the Island, the Castle of Jarlsgard has been added to dozens of times over the years, giving it a somewhat sprawling appearance. It is also where the dozens of guest rooms that Jarls generally stay in during their appeals to the Moot.

On the mainland coast of the lake, the city sprawls along the beachline somewhat haphazardly. The city of Jarlsgard has perpetually undergone periods of growth, and decline over the years, and its disordered history shows in its layout. Small ruins of old walls are scattered at various intervals, in the city, some taller than the current outer ones. The city is not the cleanest of places, with its dirt roads and wattle and daub thatch roofed buildings, but its coastal nature, and the near constant wet weather has forced its people do develop some sort of drainage system to keep the streets from eroding away completely. The farms that stretch around the city, however, are very fertile, filling the valley and lining the river for many miles around.


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