Stormgard, and its Surroundings

Stormgard is a now destroyed castle that sits on a cliffed outcropping on northern coast of Brynland. Its position on the cliff makes it effectively the corner of the landmass.

Stormgard was constructed, initially, as a watchtower to observe the straights between the Stormy isles and mainland Brynland. The massive stone tower, atop the 40 foot cliifs made an excellent perch, and the keep that was built to defend it was equally foreboding. With its back to the rocky and cliff covered northern coast, and stormy waters, the structure is often framed by great spouts of water or waves crashing against the rocks. As time passed, the fort expanded, including first an outer wall to protect its shrine and barracks, and then a larger and lower curtain wall around that, creating a large courtyard for training.

The village of Stormgard lies to the slightly to the south, on the somewhat flatter and calmer western coastline, with a beach and small inlet protected by the point of the cliff extending off of the castle.

The village and castle both now lie in ruins. The foundations of the keep have been crushed, burned, and melted away by some great force, leaving jagged spires or rock jutting out over the water from the shell that was once a structure. The village has been largely abandoned, its weather damaged buildings that were not burned in Whiteaxe’s siege falling into disrepair, now occupied only buy squirrels and squatters.

Your last news of Stormgard was the small village Eamonn’s skeleton crew began to establish amid the ruins of the castle. Several temporary structures have been there for long enough to have permanent modifications to them. Is this a new beginning for the place?

The neighbors

To the east of Stormgard, separated by the dense but negotiable Rykswood, is the fief of Baevan Redstag. The Red Stag lands do not have the most friendly history with Stormgard, at least since the Red Moot Rebellion, and the conflicts between Redstag and Aelius ended with Baevan swearing loyalty to Stormgard as the seat of his liege. However, with Marcus gone, and the castle in ruins, his obligations have, perhaps, slipped away.

To the south, is the town of Costwold, the most populace settlement in the area. it is lorded over by the Imperial Filipos Nikarra, though it was occupied during the whiteaxe rebellion.

The town of Olfsted lies southeast between these two territories, sitting on the road eastward. Not as large as Costwold, or as well fortified as Redstag Keep, Olfsted remains a notable population center. At least until its siege, occupation, and partial sacking during the Whiteaxe war.

Stormgard, and its Surroundings

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