The Stormy Isles

The stormy Isles are a series of islands off the northern coast of Brynland, known for their ferocious storms, and independent people. The Stormy Isles were once an independent territory, ruled by a Stormurkung(Storm King) with a varying levels of separation from the rest of Brynland, depending on the ruler in question. About 100 years ago the King of Storms, Haldora the One Eyed, invaded mainland Brynland starting a long and bloody war that ultimately ended with the islands coming under the control of Jarlsgard. However, the at best loose nature of Brynland’s governmental control over territory has allowed the islanders to maintain much of their independence, and not much changed in their way of life until the Imperial Invasion.

The bulk of the territory’s population and organization is centered on three main islands.

Stennjord is the westernmost of the main islands. It is also the least populous, and the highest altitude, characterized by rocky highlands, rocky plateaus, rocky coasts, and rocky moors. Its largest settlement is Hvitstenn, the seat of Devan Hvitax and center of his rebellion, before his death. Its other settlements are generally small coastal fishing villages, or shepard communities, with few large towns or fortifications.



The Stormy Isles

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