Abel - Irritatingly cryptic. Serves or follows Cain and is an enemy.


Physical Description

Abel is a Caucasian man, around 6’2”, with black hair and brown eyes. His build is rather thin, with slight musculature and clear complexion. His skin is marked in numerous places with scar tissue and tattoos. These tattoos run from wrist to back to neck on his right side, possibly extending down the right leg, and has some slightly matching tattoos on his left forearm. There are theories for the magical nature of these tattoos, though nothing concrete. Yet.

Rough Psychological Profile

Abel is a a quiet man, though his voice manages to carry even through loud rooms. His movements are careful and precise, almost delicate. He does not anger easily, he smiles often but rarely seems genuinely mirthful, and has never been seen doing anything for fun. It must be assumed that he enjoys what he does, but it is theoretical enjoyment at best, as it has never been witnessed firsthand. At most, when he is working very hard on something highly mentally stimulating, he could be described as “engaged.”

He is also very intelligent, with a strong grasp of chemistry and an almost eidetic memory. He is a capable manipulator, though this does not seem to make him any more likeable or trustworthy; rather, he uses his skills to make people angry, often at other people. Like his work, he has not been seen taking pleasure in the company of others, regardless of familiarity, gender, or circumstance.

Despite his mental acuity and apparent social graces, he has occasionally been seen to address the open air. Any questions relating to these occurrences are ignored or brushed aside.

The Organization

There is a supposedly substantial network of spies, assassins, and possibly anyone that has managed to weave itself into the fibers of Brynland. Abel has considerable pull in this organization, though his exact position in its hierarchy is difficult to locate. There are hints of some religious or philosophical influence in said organization, at which Abel is either at the heart or very near to it.

This faction consists of many, many people, many of them lower class, most of them highly dedicated, all of them extremely secretive, extremely useful, and terrible enemies to have. None of them, however, inspire much in the ways of trust.


Abel has stated on several occasions that his mission in Brynland is rebellion against the Empire. Because he does not seem terribly concerned with the plights of tyranny, the destruction of faiths, or the deaths of innocents, his reasons for this mission are unknown. Further questions on the topic have not resulted in satisfactory answers; such are the results of most direct interrogations about any topic.

However, he did show intense interest in the destruction of Devan Whiteaxe, for reasons also not properly explained. Though, if his goal is in fact the liberation of Brynland, then such dislike is logical, even if its strength is…uncharacteristic.



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