Adrian Varcus, Princeps of Brynland

The tired and once optimistic Imperial governer of Brynland.


Princeps Adrian Varcus, High King of Brynland, Jarl of Jarls, Thegn of Jarlsgard and the Jarlsmoot.

Eamonn’s Take: Adrian Varcus – King of Brynland. Tired and overwhelmed by the Brylander tendencies of the jarls at his moot. Regards Eamonn as a friend, which will undoubtedly cause both of them problems in the future.

Exists in a state of permanent exasperation due to what those titles entail.

== About ==
Volunteering for the position of Princeps of Brynland after the death of Princeps Regulus Theophylaktos, Princeps Varcus has taken a much more liberal approach to the governing of his province than his predecessor. He does not use his right as Imperial Princeps to enforce mandates upon the state, and he allows the Jarlsmoot to continue running. However, it is questionable whether his persistent respect for the Brynland system is brought on by actual idealism, or simple exasperated surrender to the grinding millstones of Brynland politics.
It is worthy of note that as an Imperial Princeps, Varcus was never crowned as High King of Brynland, and does not wear the crown. His status as Princeps simply imposes him into the highest position of government already existing.

== Physical Descryption ==
Princeps Varcus is stout broad shouldered man of middling height with dark brown hair, and green flecked hazel eyes. He is in his early thirties, though he generally appears not insignificantly older due to the mind boggling levels of stress he he is put under daily. Though he can usually be seen either exasperated, irritated, or mildly drunk, his eyes betray a warm sense of concern and worry for the world around him. Though he bares the demeanor of a man raised in nobility, he is very willing to degrade his etiquette and be blunt in social interactions, a skill he probably learned among the Brynlanders.


Adrian Varcus, Princeps of Brynland

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