Brother Steyvus Rorum

A rebellious and gregarious priest of Sol who has gone native more than others of his profession might approve of.


Eamonn’s Take: – An easygoing priest of Sol who formerly lived in Stormgard, but moved to Jarlsgard after Whiteaxe’s attack and opened a tavern there.


The Cleric of Sol that once managed the simple temple and mausoleum of Stormgard. Not the must churchy of priests, he managed to fit in well with the locals, not stepping on their own beliefs too much. Technically declared a heretic along with the rest of the inhabitants of Stormgard in the events leading up to the current political climate, Brother Rorum has not abandoned the core tenants of his own faith, and has, with the help of several intimidating and powerful friends of his, opened a tavern called the Drunken Priest in Jarlsgard. This is aptly descriptive of the core tenants of his faith.

Brother Steyvus Rorum

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